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  • Very professional and knowledgeable team.

    Very professional and knowledgeable team. They always returned calls and provided thorough and helpful information. I would recommend this attorney and his team.

    - Bob W.

  • Very happy with the service you provided.
    I had a great experience with him and he made me feel confident. I've never had someone legally represent me within the three years of my difficult case. I will 100% come to him again this summer to complete my needs and my case. Very happy with the service you provided.

    - Erica M.

  • Thank you Jamison K. Shedwill Law Firm for your dedication in keeping families safe.
    Our family is ever so grateful for Mr. Shedwill's honest expert professional, and very caring services. He was fast, efficient, effective, and victorious in the solution of our Family Protective Services Case. He made everything simple, and clear; and the lines of communication were always open, and welcoming. Mr. Shedwill gave us excellent counsel in the success of our case. Jamison K. Shedwill's Law Firm allowed the opportunity for our family to be able to continue functioning about our daily family lives without having worry, and they gave us the certainty that our family was in excellent hands, and our family was being cared for. Thank you Jamison K. Shedwill Law Firm for your dedication in keeping families safe.

    - Lisette L.

  • Mr. Shedwill is very thorough
    "Mr. Shedwill is very thorough in his explanations and was very patient with me."

    - Former Client

  • He has great character
    "Mr. Shedwill is the type of lawyer that I feel fits my needs perfectly. He has great character and that is very important to me."

    - Former Client

  • He understands my needs
    "He understands my needs and agreed to save me money instead of wasting my money."

    - Former Client

  • I very highly recommend

    "This guy is the best attorney on earth I very highly recommend Jamison's services."

    - Jerry H.

  • Great attorney

    "Great attorney, through a difficult time, very easy to talk to and easy to communicate with."

    - Joe M.

  • This attorney was great!
    "This attorney was great! He had to deal with my fear and my wife’s irrational, angry behavior. He got me the deal that I wanted and it was all very fair. And, when extra things came up, even though, I know he has a family life, he still called and responded promptly. I appreciate everything he did for me. My ex-wife-to-be will too, eventually, because he was fair to her also."

    - Former Client

  • He put me at ease
    "He is a very nice and understanding person. I felt very comfortable with him. He put me at ease. He spent a great amount of time with me before I even hired him."

    - Former Client

  • Knowledgeable
    "Mr. Shedwill seems to understand my position and what I want to accomplish in this action. He seems very knowledgeable in the law and specifically in the area of child support and its collection. I have every confidence that Mr. Shedwill is the right attorney for my case."

    - Former Client