Our Mission to You:

Providing caring and personal legal representation of the highest quality at reasonable and competitive rates.
  • Mr. Shedwill is very thorough
    "Mr. Shedwill is very thorough in his explanations and was very patient with me."

    - Former Client

  • He has great character
    "Mr. Shedwill is the type of lawyer that I feel fits my needs perfectly. He has great character and that is very important to me."

    - Former Client

  • He understands my needs
    "He understands my needs and agreed to save me money instead of wasting my money."

    - Former Client

  • I very highly recommend

    "This guy is the best attorney on earth I very highly recommend Jamison's services."

    - Jerry H.

  • Great attorney

    "Great attorney, through a difficult time, very easy to talk to and easy to communicate with."

    - Joe M.

  • This attorney was great!
    "This attorney was great! He had to deal with my fear and my wife’s irrational, angry behavior. He got me the deal that I wanted and it was all very fair. And, when extra things came up, even though, I know he has a family life, he still called and responded promptly. I appreciate everything he did for me. My ex-wife-to-be will too, eventually, because he was fair to her also."

    - Former Client

  • He put me at ease
    "He is a very nice and understanding person. I felt very comfortable with him. He put me at ease. He spent a great amount of time with me before I even hired him."

    - Former Client

  • Knowledgeable
    "Mr. Shedwill seems to understand my position and what I want to accomplish in this action. He seems very knowledgeable in the law and specifically in the area of child support and its collection. I have every confidence that Mr. Shedwill is the right attorney for my case."

    - Former Client