Same-Sex Marriage is Legal - What about Anti-Discrimination Laws?

The decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states was monumental and advocates are quick to admit this. But at the same time, champions for the LGBT community know that the fight is not yet done. Just because the Supreme Court made such a landmark ruling in no way guarantees that everyone is on the same page and states like Texas and Missouri have proven this to be true.

So what does all this mean? Simply put, anti-discrimination laws are more necessary than ever. California is one of just 21 other states that currently has laws against sexual orientation discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations. For LGBT individuals in states without these protections, it can be an uphill journey to obtaining the treatment and rights they deserve.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Speaks Up

Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in a rather astonishing way. The organization voted 3-2 that sexual orientation is a fundamentally sex-based consideration and an accusation of discrimination based on sexual orientation is unavoidably an accusation of sex discrimination according to Title VII.

This ruling is important because the Commission has such a big influence on both federal employees' workplace discrimination claims and those made within private organizations. Discrimination claims have already begun to arise begin to arise from both the LGBT community and Americans who oppose same-sex marriage for religious reasons. As a result, anti-discrimination laws are critical, but it is impossible to say for certain how many states will move forward to pass such bills.

Same-sex couples and LGBT workers in California may feel some sense of relief, but that doesn't mean discrimination won't occur. If and when it does, legal representation is critical to protect your state and federal rights. This is where we at the Law Office of Jamison K. Shedwill come in.

With extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of state laws on the matter, we can assist you as you encounter discrimination. Our Orange divorce attorneys are here for you, so contact our firm as soon as possible to find how we can help!